Demo / sample 2 for Gravity Forms To Excel AddOn

gravity-forms-to-excel-addon-standard-fieldsThis demo shows how all Standard Fields from Gravity Forms work together with Gravity Forms To Excel Addon.

• Fill out the Gravity Form Standard Fields with sample data
• Type in your email address
• Type in the captcha
• Submit the form

The resulting Excel file will be emailed to the email address you typed in the form.

This is the Excel template which is used.

  • Field Test

Version 0.1.3


  • make first sheet (index 0) active, not the sheet, where the form data is stored
  • columns A and C switched, to allow the use of VLOOKUP in Excel
  • validate user input and create error messages when required
  • language support added (I18n)
  • Gift Certificate sample added

Version 0.1.3 released

We are proud to anounce, that today version 0.1.3 of our Gravity Forms AddOn “Gravity Form To excel” (WP4Office-GF2Excel) was released. Please download it at

Demo / sample 1 for GF2Excel

In this demo/sample we will show you the principle usage of the plugin GF2Excel. You will see how to use Gravity Form to create a native Excel form.

If you are not interested in reading the sample details, but just want to see how the demo works in action jump directly down to the from.

As a prerequisite we assume, that you have Gravity Forms and WP4Office-GF2Excel installed and acticated.

Step 1: Create Gravity Form

  • Download the demo form export file wp4office-gf2excel-gift-certificate.json by right(ctrl)-click on the link and select “Save target as…”
  • In the dashboard select Dashboard > Forms > Import/Export and then select the tab “Import Forms”
  • Select the file “gift-certificate.json” and click on “Import” to start the import of the sample form
  • In the dashboard select Dashboard > Forms > Forms to check if the sample form with the name “Gift Certificate” appears in the list


Step 2: Create form settings

  • Download the demo Excel file wp4office-gf2excel-gift-certificate.xlsx by clicking on the link
  • In the dashboard open the list of Gravity Forms Dashboard > Forms > Forms
  • Open the form settings of the form “Gift Certificate” by selecting “Settings” below the form name in the list
  • Open the plugin Tab “WP4Office-GF2Excel”
  • Upload the file wp4office-gf2excel-gift-certificate.xlsx as the Excel Template file
  • Type in “1” as the Excel sheet index
  • Select both notification email checkboxes
  • Save the settings by clicking on “Update Settings”


  • Gift Certificate

Gravity Forms To Excel (WP4Office-GF2Excel)


This Gravity Forms AddOn saves form data into a given Excel document and attaches it to notification emails. You don’t need any programming skills to get native Excel documents back as the result of your Gravity Forms web form. After uploading your Excel 2007 file (.xslx, other versions are not supported) the form data is saved into one sheet (which you can define) of your document. You can then select to which notification emails this Excel file should be attached to. Using simple Excel formulas (=A1) you can fill out complex Excel sheets with data from the web form. No further export or import of CSV data is required.

More Infos

If you need more infos, help or want to download the plugin you will find all important links in the following list:

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